Skylinks September Match Play Tournament



Thanks to all that participated in the two-day Club Championship.  

We had a small field but the tournament was very close in two of

the three flights.


The September one-day Match Play Tournament should be very

interesting.  Many have already asked about the format.


There will be NO FLIGHTS.  Competitors will be matched up in a

blind draw and the handicap differential will be no greater two strokes.

So a player with a course handicap of 2 will only be matched up with a

player with a handicap ranging from 0 to 4.  Also a player with a course

handicap of 25 will only be matched up with a player with a handicap

ranging from 23 to 27.  Matches should be fair and very close.


Zero to 14 handicaps and 15 and over handicaps will play from the blue

and white tees, respectively.


There are two conditions to qualify for the Honey Pot Prize.   First, a player

must  beat his opponent.  Secondly, the winner must shoot a net 74 or better.  

(According to the SCGA, players shoot their handicap about 25% of the time.

That means we will probably pay between 25-30% of the field in prize funds.)


With 48 players (24 matches) in the field, there will be $864 in the Honey Pot.  

(If we have 60 players, there will be $1,000 in the Honey Pot.)


If ONLY one player defeats his opponent and the player shoots net 74 or better,

the player will win the entire $864.  Statistically, about 6 to 8 players will qualify

for the Honey Pot.  Hopefully we will have more than 48 players in the field.


If the match is closed out early, keep playing.  We will still have Gross and

Net Skins as well as Closest to the Pin on all 4 of the 3-par holes.  There

will be no net roulette in the match play tournament.


Please consider in joining the September tournament.  Tournament date is

Saturday, Sep 23.  Deadline for sign up is Thursday, Sep 14.  (Unfortunately four

people missed the deadline in the last tournament and we were not able to

accommodate them.)


Remember, in match play, one or two bad holes will not hurt you.

“No limit” Texas Hold’em will take place after the tournament.

See you on the course.



The Board of Directors

Skylinks Mens Golf Club August Update


This is a brief update on what is to come for the month of August.


The club championship is a two-day event and is scheduled for  Saturday,
Sunday, August 26th and 27th.  There will be three flights (Championship, A and
B flight) playing from the Black, Blue, and White plates, respectively.

Championship flight will be playing scratch and with only a gross payout.  
Flight A and B will have gross and net payouts.  Players will be paired by

Hard deadline for sign up is August 16th.


This is a gentle reminder from the Board of Directors.  In the past the Board has
allowed players to make up their own foursomes.  Players have become lax with
the rules of golf.  In an individual stroke play tournament, buddies have have been
giving each other advice.  This is a violation of USGA Rule 8.

USGA definition of advice is as follows:
Advice is any counsel or suggestion that could influence a player in determining
his play, the choice of club, or the method of making a stroke.
Information on the Rules, Distance, or matter of public information, such as the
position of hazards or the flagstick on the putting green is NOT advice.  In
stroke play, there is a 2-stroke penalty.  In match play, there is a loss of hole


The first and last group finished in 4 hours and 15 minutes and 4 hours and 50
minutes, respectively.  We are getting better.  

Please remember if your group is falling behind, the first two players to hole out
should head to the next tee box and hit away.  If the two players are in different
golf carts,  take one cart.  The rider can select a club(s) for his tee shot and take off.
Thanks for your cooperation.


The next club meeting will be on Thursday, August 17th.  We will have the DERBY
before the meeting.  The DERBY may be a 4-club, 4 hole event.  Remember, the
entry fee is $10.  No charge for green fee or cart.

See you on the golf course.  
The Board of Directors