Skylinks Mens Golf Club November Tee Times



There will be a General Meeting tonight.  We will be having our

November Elections for the 2018 Board of Directors.  Meeting will

start at 6:30 pm.


We are sad to report that our Past President Mike Harvath passed 

away on Sunday, October 29th.  He was a member of Skylinks Men's 

Club for over 20 years.  Mike was battling cancer for a long while.  He 

was a crusty kind of guy but he would give you his shirt off his back if

you needed it (after a few choice words #!*@#!^).  Mike played in the

last Past President Tournament but had to withdraw after 9 hole due

to exhaustion.  If you have some fond memories of Mike, please share  

them with other members.  Thanks.


If you are playing in this Sunday's tournament, make sure you read 

the attached information sheet.  Some of the tee times have changed.

Hope to see you tonight and/or on the course this Sunday.




Nov 19th 2-man Tournament Guidelines, Rules, and Tee Times


This is a Four-ball stroke play tournament.  It is commonly known as 2-man best ball.  USGA rules apply.  


Partner’s low score  (gross and/or net)  is the score for the hole.  Score card has a box for individual scores

as well as team gross and net scores.


Blue Tees are for players with course handicap of 12 or less.  White tees are for players with course handicap

of 13 or more.


Free drop from flower bed on hole #1 only.  For all other flower beds use the USGA rules for dropping.

Free drop if player is putting from off the green and sprinkler head is in the "line of putt."

But the following conditions MUST be met:  

1.  The ball lies in the grass that is closely mowed.  

2.  The ball must be within 2 club lengths of the sprinkler head.

3.  The sprinkler head must be within 2 club lengths of the green.




If you are in the NET ROULETTE  side pot, you must putt out.  There are 7 ways to win (front 9,

back 9, 1st six holes, 2nd six holes, 3rd six holes, even # holes, and odd # holes).

Upon completion of the round, fill in the front, back, and totals on the scorecard for individual and team scores.

Fill in the scores on the bulletin board.

Be sure to post the round as a Tournament score.


Good luck and have fun with this format.

(There will be a Texas Hold’em no-limit poker game after tournament.  90-minute timed game.

Buy in $20.  No re-buys.  Fun time.)


Tee Times For Nov 19, 2017


6:52     Tom Molley (6),  Brad Davis (14)  Ron Zimmerman (5), Mike Avila  (6)


7:00     R. Borowski (23),  Wes Brown (11),  Al Tom (15),  Tom Goode (2)


7:08     Darrin Gross (23),  Bryce Renn (19),  Jeff Ronk (7),  Bob Bellucci (15)


7:16       Justin Moody (11),  Bryan Dailey (10), Don Balzano (19), Peter Balzano (12)


7:24      Scott Mason (12),  Mickey Mason (7),  Roy Ganzer (8),  Ed Fitzpatrick (7),


7:32      Tim Barnes (9),  Steven Canales (+3),  Ruben Flores (10), Chet Soboleske (15)  


7:40      Mike Hembree (11), Mircea Gruia (12), Robert McDowell (15),  Larry Hamm (11)


7:48      Jeff Mort (14),  Van Thompson (15),  Sean Gatz (30),  Thomas Sullivan (18)


7:56      George Trujillo (29),   Bruce Yost (16),  Phil Barlow (15),  Ed Ritter (15)


8:04      Carlos Cabrerra (11),  Jorge Lopez (24),  Ron McBride (9),  Mike Summers (16)


8:12      Jim Courtney (15),  Terry McCarten (19),  Rusty Becker (15),  Mike Carver (16)


8:20      Bruce McDaniel (2),  Jake Amando ( 3),  Tim Heffern (1),  A. Carmichael (7 )


8:28      Tony Castaneda (0),  Jim Jamison  (3),   Mickey Miller (2),  Sean Caliguri  (+1)


8:36      Richard Gentile (17),  Andrew Kiemm (15),  Tom Heffern ( 9),  Bill Heffern (3)


8:42     Bob Mathieu (14),  Phil Tomlin (20),  Frank Mireles (19), Richard Carranza (17)


Pay off:

1st and 2nd place for Low Gross and Low Net in Flights A and B.

Side pots for gross and net skins.  Closest to the pin and Net Roulette




Fairways and Greens,


The Board of Directors

Skylinks Mens Golf Club November News



Our November tournament is on Sunday the 19th.  The deadline for 

sign up is Saturday, November 11th.   This event will pay low gross, 

low net, closes to the pin, and skins.  Net roulette will be optional.


This tournament is a partners tournament.  The lower score of the 

partners is the score for the hole.  Most people call this a partner's 

best ball event.  The correct name for this event (according to

USGA) is a "Four-ball stroke play" tournament.  See page 35, 

Definitions, Rules of Golf, January 2016.


For December 2017, we will have our annual Christmas tournament.  

This is a non-post event "Shambles."  We will have a blind draw to 

determine the four-man teams.  The blind draw will take place on 

Thursday, December 7th.  Food and beverage will be provided by at the 

meeting. (Compliments of General Manager Gary Johnson.) 

Pairing party will start at 6:30 pm.


It's that time to renew your SCGA membership.  Please plan to renew 

in time.  Renewal fee is $85 ($88 if you use pay pal).  Late registration

will cost $115.  Mark it down on your calendar and avoid the late fee 



Other News....


Every so often we need to be reminded that Skylinks is our home course 

and we should do our best to help maintain the course.  This includes 

but not limited to fixing ball marks on the green, raking bunkers,  and replacing

fairway divots.


It's not printed on the score card, but we should keep golf carts 30 feet 

from the putting green.  We have players that park their golf carts 18 inches from 

the edge of the green.  Please refrain from this practice.


While on the green, it is best not to retrieve your golf ball out of the hole 

with your putter head.  No matter how careful you think you are, there is 

a high probability that you have damaged the hole for the players behind you.


Lastly, the flag stick is not a javelin.  A thrown flag stick will damage the green.  

There is also a chance that a thrown flag stick may hit a fellow competitor.  

Please do not throw the flag stick.


In the past the club have suspended player(s) up to three months for etiquette 

issues.  Invoking a suspension is not a pleasant task for the Board of Directors.

The Board rather work on issues to improve the Men's Club golfing experience.


Thanks for your understanding.



The Board of Directors