2018 Skylinks Warm-Up Tournament Tee Times

Skylinks Men’s Club Warm Up Tournament

Saturday, July 21, 2018


Championship Flight:  Index +4 to 4.9 Black Tees

Flight A:   Index 5.0 to  9.9        Blue Tees

Flight B:   Index 10 to  15.9        Blue Tees

Flight C:   Index 16.0 to  30     White Tees


6:44   Molley (5.2)  ; Davis (10.9)   ; Cowger (16.1),  ; Zimmerman (5.5)


6:52   Borowski (20.3)  ; Brown, W (11.3) ;  Gonzales, A. (1.1); Goode  (2.9)


7:00   Walters  (2.9); Griffen (5.5);  Cuyugan (12.5); Pollard  (9.8)


7:08   Clinton  (13.3); Belknap  (17.0); Waterman (12.7);  Trujillo (27.1)


7:16    Mlynarski  (15.8); Stoller (15.0);  Soboleske (13.8); Sullivan (16.5)         


7:24   Lopez, J (24.6); Cabrera  (11.5); Valle (6.7); Gonzalez, P.  (8.6)


7:32   Fitzpatrick (8.7);  Ganzer (5.8); Mason, S. (11.4);  Mason, M. (5.1)


7:40   Bell (14.8);  Douglas (4.6);  Barnes, T. (8.1);  Barnes, G. (10.4)


7:48   Slotterback (6.8); Lewandowski (20.1); Brown, K.  (21.5); Rico (18.8); Kurutz (17.1)


7:56   McDowell   (14.4); Grucia  (12.5); Moody (8.9);  Hamm (9.6)


8:04   Summers  (14.8); Yost  (16.4); Thompson (16.9);  Reinking (23.0)


8:12   Caligiuri  (+3.3); Furry  (6.5); Carmichael  (6.9); Amado (4.3);  Gonzales, B.


8:20   Jamison (3.9);  Miller (3.8); Lopez, R.  (+0.7); McDaniel (2.0)


8:28   Mathieu (13.7);  Flores (7.9); Tomlin (19.4);  Komp (17.1)


2018 QUAD Tournament Information

The QUAD Tournament this year is scheduled for Saturday April 28, 2018 at El Dorado

First tee time will be at 7:00 am and the last group will tee off at 10:12 am.  We need players for this year’s Quad.  Please send an email to me at my email address:  philipabarlow@verizon.net

by April 14th stating that you will be available to play in this tournament.  Cost $55 per player.  Cost for carts will be paid to the golf course the day of the tournament by each individual player wishing to ride.


The QUAD Tournament is a contest of golf played for a trophy.  The trophy is currently in the possession of El Dorado men’s club.  The contest is played between four mens clubs and rotated each year to the golf club that is part of the four club rotation: Skylinks Men’s club, Recreation Park Men’s club, El Dorado Men’s club, and Lakewood Men’s club.


The contest when originated, in the past years, was played twice a year once in April and again in September.  Each club was to provide 39 players and a 40th to be one of the Pros affiliated with each club bringing the total to 40 players.  The contest was reduced to an annual event in April each year and 25 players.  There will be a member of each club in each of the 25 tee times.


There will be an effort by the host club to organize the players as close as possible using handicaps of each individual as of the current month’s index.  3 points awarded to the low score in each group, 2 points to the second low score and 1 point to the third low score, the fourth player would receive zero points.  Ties will share the prize of the two scores, ½ to each club. 

The total of points at the end of the 25 players would result in the winner of the trophy and would be maintained in the possession of the winning men’s club until the next tournament is played.  The trophy was won in 2017 by El Dorado Men’s club.

Skylinks Tournament News



The Board of Directors met this evening.  Posting tournament scores

was discussed at length.  It was decided that the Handicaps Chairman 

will post all tournament scores beginning with the February tournament. 


For the February tournament, we will have a Stableford format.  There 

will be a gross and net prize fund.  All golfers are required to check in 

at the desk before their tee time to take care of administrative business.


We will be using the Stableford for scoring system.  The scoring method

will be as follows:

-  Double bogey or greater,  zero points

-  Bogey,  one point

-  Par, two points

-  Birdie, three points

-  Eagle, four points

-  Double eagle, five points

The winner is the competitor who scores the highest number of points.


See you at the next tournament.



The Board of Directors

Skylinks January 2018 Newsletter


General Meeting Summary


Jan. 2018


You’ll need to have played in 3 tournament rounds
to qualify for the Club Championship.
All 3 rounds must be before the Club Championship.


·   Christmas Schamble:

It was decided & voted at the meeting, that tickets
for the christmas schamble will only be given for
the members that play in that tournament.
No more tickets will be given out through out the year.
5 Tickets per player.


·   Golf Rules:

The USGA, SCGA and or the R&A have not changed any rules.
& everything is still current.


If you’d like to make a positive difference in the club, 
We invite you to join us every 3rd Thursday of every month for our General Meetings.

The Skylinks Men’s Board.

2018 Tournament Schedule

2018 Skylinks Men’s Golf Club Tournament Schedule

Tournament Costs: Entry $65 – Side Pots $20 – Deadline 10 Days before event. Late Payment $5


Jan 27, Saturday,  Kickoff Tournament

Individual Stroke Play - Gross and Net Payouts


Feb 25, Sunday,  Past Presidents

Individual Stableford Play – Gross and Net Payouts


March 17, Saturday,  Memorial

4 Man Team - All Net Payout - 2 Best Net Scores Per Hole


April 21, Saturday,  2 Man Scramble

2 Man Team - All Net Payout

Team handicap will be based on the lowest handicapped player.


May 19-20, Saturday/Sunday,  Eclectic

Individual Stroke Play – Gross and Net Payouts

Take your best score from each hole, over both days, to create your best
18 hole Eclectic score.


June 23, Saturday,  Member/Guest

2 Man Best Ball Team - Gross and Net Payouts

Teams may consist of a Member and a Guest or a Member and a Member.  Guests do not have to have an established Handicap.


July 21, Saturday,  The Warm Up!

Individual Stroke Play – Gross and Net and Payouts

Warm up for the club championship.


Aug 25-26, Saturday/Sunday,  Club Championship (2 Rounds)

Individual Stroke Play – Gross and Net Payouts

Club Championship Tournament.  Must play both rounds, and must have played in 3 prior tournaments to enter.


Sept 22, Saturday,  Match Play Tournament

Individual – TBD for Payouts


Oct 20, Saturday,  Tombstone Tournament

Individual – TBD for Payouts


Nov 18, Sunday,  Turkey Shootout

2 Man Best Ball Team - Gross and Net Payouts


Dec 16, Sunday,  Christmas Schamble

Christmas Tournament – All Net Payout

This is a 4 man blind draw, with a player from each flight.  Scores consist of the 2 best net scores for each hole.  Also provided is a great lunch and door prizes!